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I am a student studying human biology and I could really use some help.

Hi, my name is Christiana and I have gaps between all of my front teeth (top and bottom), although I'm trying to live with them, they cause me bouts of depression. I find myself crying into my pillow a lot of nights.

I have no money to fix them and it would cost a lot do, so an old friend recommended I look online for funding and I even decided to make a video on YouTube but nothing yet and I'm afraid that I'm going to live with these teeth forever.
Even now, I'm upstairs in my room crying while my family is downstairs because I don't want them to see me upset about them again.

Video -

Fund Page -
Would love donations, but can you please help me share this page.

My teeth are stopping me from getting a job and making new friends and I don't want that to continue into my second year of university. I'm a student and last year I lived on my student overdraft which I haven't been able to pay back this summer, I won't be able to survive this second year without a job but having to get my teeth done is countering (I have not been hired purposely in some places because of my teeth) because it requires a lot of money and because of that I'm thinking of stopping my studies altogether.

I didn't make more than 2 friends last year who I haven't talked to all of summer and I know this year will be the same in my second year, but I know if i could just get my teeth done, it'll improve my life away from home while I study, I could actually smile in front of people or be willing to talk to new people or maybe looking happy in photos and I wont end up hating myself at the end of the day

I feel so lost and unhappy with my life and I am too used to being lonely and it's damaged my self esteem, confidence and and social behaviour. I was basically a hermit in my first year when I should have been having fun, making friends and enjoying my studies, but I didn't. If you can, please check out the links, donate please and share and let me know what you think, because I'm running out of ideas and term time is starting soon. I don't want another miserable year of studies.

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Help for destroyed house by fire

House was destroyed by fire in Izmir and we try to help them for repair and fix the house. So we need extra money for repair equipments and paints equipments and some furnitures for family. You can see news about this fire on Homepage URL link under the pictures. They are really poor and they lose their grandmother in fire so they really need help =( Thank you for helping and pray with this family. You can see other pictures of house on funding page
Please share with your friends. is funding page
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funding: Im seeking for help. I am an international student majoring in computer science. Recently

Im seeking for help. I am an international student majoring in computer science. Recently my financial status has been very precarious. I need to pay my school otherwise I will lose my status. I can't afford to go back to my country since I got here to have more opportunities and a better future because many people depend on me. I've been through so much and being an international student you cannot work out of campus and you can only work 20 hours on campus. Im asking for serious help $10, 000. It can be either a loan, a grant or just a cosigner for a loan. I will pay back every cent of it if I have to.
Thanks for your attention.
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point   in reply to Squirrel   on

Lighthouse Educational Ministries, Temecula, CA

what happened to his funding from the church in the IE several years ago?
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51 yrsold white male.Single,never married.Lives alone.I live in Columbus,Ohio.HIV+ for 20 years.I wasdeclared disable in the year 2000.Had other health problems on top of that.Including depression.I went through "Wasted Syndrome" a few years ago and recovered from that.Now,I'm suffering from a foot condition called"Plantar Fasciitis"It makes it diffcult to walk or to stand on my left foot for along time.I live in a small one bedroom apt. My 2000 Ford,Windstar needs a new alternator,shock absorbors on the rear end of the car.Also,it needs engine work done on it as well.I do reciecve SSI for my disability. But, it's not enough for the car repairs.I'm looking for a free grant or free car repair work for the disabled.Just point me in the right direction for the help I need.
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